5 Outside The Rentarat

Exiting the Rentarat and walking out to the street, Adessa breathes in the fresh air. The smell of sea and cobblestone streets mix. It’s a smell of dust, the nearby canal and a salty fresh breeze. The small town is named Schredsby and is a small town on the east coast.

Ships often dock here to weather out storms or stock up but other than the artificer tower there’s not much to do or see. Sometimes a group of tourists come to see the old fortifications. With the city Gala further up the coast growing rapidly things are looking good for Schredsby. In front of the old fortification is the main square with the the farmers market open and doing business as usual.

From where Adessa is standing, to the north is the market. East is the docks, so nothing of interest there. Past the market is the Artificers guild, pub Ossol and the less expensive part of town where you’ll meet your associates later. To the East is the old fort and not much else. Due to the war many businesses from Gala relocated to Schredsby and thus there’s a large variety of shops and other businesses in town, albeit they have been slowly migrating to Gala lately. Hopefully that new steam powered railroad they’re building down the coast will make it less of a pain getting to Gala. But right now Adessa is in Schredsby.

Spend some time in Schredsby, maybe you'll find someone or something interesting.

If there’s any shop or place Adessa should go, she’s up for any suggestion. She’s free until later today when she’s meeting up with her classmates, associates, etc.